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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Mo' Creatures

Unfortunately Mo' Creatures os windows only and the servers not windows... looks like no Mo' Creatures.... were looking for other fun plugins! if you have an idea post a comment below with the name and a link!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mo' Time for Mo' Creatures

I was afraid that the dolts at the server company wouldn't be able figure out how to install the Mo' Creatures plugin, and they couldn't. So tonight, I'll be sending them step-by-step instructions on how to install it, and hopefully they will do so tomorrow evening. No guarantee that they will come through, since I don't have access to the folders I need to install it myself, but I will push them for as long as it takes.

Also, the votes have been tallied for removing weather from the server. Unfortunately, there was not a unanimous vote, but there was enough of a majority to tone down the weather quite a bit. After I configure the weather (by this weekend), storms should only be a seldom occurrence. I hope that everyone is satisfied with this change. If not, you can always give your input!

Also, it seems that many people want more wars on the server, so we will begin having weekly wars, each lasting 30 minutes to an hour, and you will be informed of the starting time beforehand. This Sunday will be our next war. It will begin at 7:00 pm EST. We will also be implementing a full time death arena, but that probably won't be for another week.

Have fun, and happy mining!

P.S. - The Almighty Potato is coming.


mo creatures

well mo creatures hasn't been installed yet, soon hopeful! I cant wait! I want a flying mount, there sooo cool. hopeful mo creatures will be installed today. ugh not to happy about configuring it thought. but still! those flying mounts!
               DERP OUT!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mo' Creatures

So we've received a unanimous vote to add the Mo' Creatures mod to add... well, more creatures to the game. Details can be found on the plugin page here:

I am not going to keep all creatures available (pirhannas and werewolves? No thank you.), but the server company has to install this for me. This means that until I have time to configure the creatures (within the next two days), ALL new creatures will be added, so beware! I think that this will be an exciting addition to the server, as well as the game, so bear with me as I make the necessary changes. The creatures I am planning to keep are:

-Cave Ogres

Dolphins and horses can be ridden AND controlled (yay!), and if you breed horses correctly, you can eventually (after much hard work) get a horse that you can FLY with. I'm personally very excited about this plugin, and hope that it will add an entirely new level to gameplay. Can't wait to see you guys flying through the skies upon your noble steeds!

P.S. - Until I configure the plugin, there will also be annoying mobs, namely werewolves and pirhannas. Hint: werewolves can only be killed by a gold sword, so you might want to keep one on you until I can do away with them.

Happy mining!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Economy implementation

We've finally implemented iConomy, and so far, it's running smoothly. Below is the price list we'll be using for buying/selling until some players start opening their own shops. You will always be able to sell your goods to an admin, and I'm looking into a plugin that will enable you to sell your valuables without an admin having to be on. Anything not on the list can not be bought/sold from an admin.

ITEM Buy Value Sell Value
Sand 1.00 0.50
Wood 1.00 0.50
Glass 3.00 1.50
Lapis Lazuli 3.00 1.50
Sandstone 2.00 1.00
Wool 3.00 1.50
Dandelion 2.00 1.00
Rose 2.00 1.00
Brown mushroom 4.00 2.00
Red mushroom 4.00 2.00
Clay 5.00 2.50
Diamond 30.00 15.00
Pumkin 10.00 5.00
Iron 10.00 5.00
Gold 20.00 10.00
Coal 5.00 2.50

This whole economy thing is new to me, so any suggestions are encouraged, especially if you have played on a server with iConomy before.

Happy mining!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Up Time

Well the servers back up AND we have iconomy.... talk to Drcp to sell some stuff and get some more money!! hopefuly some more people will join and the factions and theyll all grow! have fun and play on!
             RivalCraft admin

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Up

Well the server company came through. RivalCraft is back baby! We think the underlying problems within the recent lag spikes and crashes have finally been fixed, so stay tuned for zero downtime (we hope)!

Down Time

Dear loyal RivalCraftians, we the staff of RivalCraft apologise for the downtime of RivalCraft. we don't quite know what crashed the server but we a working on getting the server back up, unfortunately the server company isn't quite working with us... we are currently waiting on the company to fix the problem. we are playing the waiting game, and we apologise.
              From all of the RivalCraft Staff
                                              PLAY ON!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Post

Well guys, RivalCraft has been live for about 15 days now and over 100 people have been on! the servers really taken off! I am so proud of Piq and the rest of the Admin team! Piq has put so much time and effort in to RivalCraft its crazy! this is the servers website! were going to be posting new info and updates about the server alot on here. keep everyone informed! some time soon ill try to put a list of all the Factions. the websites still undergoing major remodeling and building so it might look different later.... don't forget to play :P

          -Admin on RivalCraft
                  - server Ip is