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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Economy implementation

We've finally implemented iConomy, and so far, it's running smoothly. Below is the price list we'll be using for buying/selling until some players start opening their own shops. You will always be able to sell your goods to an admin, and I'm looking into a plugin that will enable you to sell your valuables without an admin having to be on. Anything not on the list can not be bought/sold from an admin.

ITEM Buy Value Sell Value
Sand 1.00 0.50
Wood 1.00 0.50
Glass 3.00 1.50
Lapis Lazuli 3.00 1.50
Sandstone 2.00 1.00
Wool 3.00 1.50
Dandelion 2.00 1.00
Rose 2.00 1.00
Brown mushroom 4.00 2.00
Red mushroom 4.00 2.00
Clay 5.00 2.50
Diamond 30.00 15.00
Pumkin 10.00 5.00
Iron 10.00 5.00
Gold 20.00 10.00
Coal 5.00 2.50

This whole economy thing is new to me, so any suggestions are encouraged, especially if you have played on a server with iConomy before.

Happy mining!



  1. thanks, looks like a pretty sweet server! Keep the updates coming! Following (;

  2. wow never heard of this, looks nice, imma try it. Following :)

  3. I dont normally play on the servers, just do my own thing, but this seems worth checking into, following!

  4. Wow, very cool. I'll have to look into it. Followed!

  5. Great stuff, this addon is really handy for a lot of servers.

    Be careful not to overload your server though, nobody wants to play with lag.

    Great blog, followed!

    Take a look at my blog sometime:

  6. Love Minecraft, I'll have to check out your server sometime :)

  7. Abul here,

    just awnting to post this somewhere...but no forums or w/e I can find...

    But as another server activity can we have a CTF arena?
    -I'd be happy to assist in building & designing it and all..but yea That'd be sweet.