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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mo' Creatures

So we've received a unanimous vote to add the Mo' Creatures mod to add... well, more creatures to the game. Details can be found on the plugin page here:

I am not going to keep all creatures available (pirhannas and werewolves? No thank you.), but the server company has to install this for me. This means that until I have time to configure the creatures (within the next two days), ALL new creatures will be added, so beware! I think that this will be an exciting addition to the server, as well as the game, so bear with me as I make the necessary changes. The creatures I am planning to keep are:

-Cave Ogres

Dolphins and horses can be ridden AND controlled (yay!), and if you breed horses correctly, you can eventually (after much hard work) get a horse that you can FLY with. I'm personally very excited about this plugin, and hope that it will add an entirely new level to gameplay. Can't wait to see you guys flying through the skies upon your noble steeds!

P.S. - Until I configure the plugin, there will also be annoying mobs, namely werewolves and pirhannas. Hint: werewolves can only be killed by a gold sword, so you might want to keep one on you until I can do away with them.

Happy mining!



  1. I like riding dolphins, the only problem is that you can slip away and get lost deep in the bottom of the sea. Nice post mate, keep it up!

  2. Haha, I wanna fly with a horse!

  3. lol this looks so much fun, ill try and come on server later and check this out

  4. Nice! I've never played with that mod before.

  5. Having your very own minecraft pegasus sounds too good to be true =3

    Epic way to launch attacks on peoples bases lol

  6. Wait wait wait. You can get your own pegasus? Oh my god...

  7. I've seen this mod mostly reviewed by the channel BlueXephos/Theyogscast, but they didn't include a link, at first so I didn't get to play it, xD that's for the info though. :3

  8. Wait, where can I get this mod??? Mo' creatures please!