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Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I've been working hard on the server, adding little conveniences here and there that I think you'll like.

So far, I've added:
- Dueling
- Day vote
- Signshops
- Craftbook
- Removed ice growth
- Less rain
- Jail

Dueling: Dueling allows you to fight a player, with their consent, if they are within 20 blocks of you. I've decided to add this instead of wilderness pvp or a full-time death arena since I've seen how chaotic death arenas are on other servers. They just don't work. So here's how you do it:
   1. Use the command "/duel challenge player" to challenge a player. That player will have to "/duel challenge player" you to accept the duel. Then, you setup the rules/wagers on the duel.
   2. /duel set stake <money> - Sets how much money you are staking.
       /duel set food <on/off> - enables or disables food use.
       /duel set wolves <on/off> - enables or disables wolves.
       /duel set keepitems <on/off> - sets whether you lose your items on death.
       You must BOTH use each of these commands to agree on them. You can skip any of them if you don't want that rule.
   3. Use "/duel confirm" to agree to the terms. Once you both have used this command, the fight to the death is on! Logging out or running away will cause you to lose the duel automatically.

Day vote: To start a vote for day, use "/lvt start", and to start a vote for night, use "/lvt start night". Then, to vote on a vote started, use "/lvt yes" or "/lvt no". Of those that vote, 80% have to agree for the time change to take place. I made it 80% and not 50% so that it isn't necessarily always day on the server. It's supposed to be a survival server, I know, but Notch did add beds, so I thought this setting was fair.

Signshops: Most of you have used the Signshops in drcp's store, but for those who haven't, you can buy/sell even when he is offline by clicking on the signs. Players will soon have permission to make these sign shops, but I'll save that for another post.

Craftbook: I added the mechanisms of Craftbook which allow the addition of many simplifying mechanics. They are as follows:
   1. Bridges:
   2. Gates:
   3. Elevators:
   4. Readable Bookshelves: Right-click a bookshelf to get a message!
   5. There are two other features, but they're buggy and pretty useless, so ignore them. You can look them up and use them if you want, though.

Removed ice growth: This change actually stemmed from trying to create a city with waterways. Regenerating ice is a hassle more than anything, so I got rid of it. If you guys want it back for some reason, let me know, and I'd be willing to add it back.

Less rain: Due to majority vote to remove rain altogether, I adjusted the rain to only occur every 4 hours for 5 minutes. I felt like this was a fair middle-ground for the few that like rain, and the many MANY (like me) who hate it more than severe joint pain.

Jail: I tried out two jail plugins: one was too simple, and the other was far too complicated. I was just too lazy to configure it. So I just added a "Jailed" group that an admin can add any player too that will instantly remove their build/destroy rights everywhere. That way, we can talk with accused griefers without allowing them to cause more harm.

There is currently an item duplication bug, and Bukkit has not updated, so I can't block it yet. All I can do is ask that our players not use that bug, and that those who have admit it, and remove what they have gained from it. Regardless, rest assured that 1.8 will result in SO many changes, that no one will have an advantage from using it. I'll make sure of it.

Happy mining!


P.S. - Maskedwari donated $20 to the server today, so you'll likely be seeing him using the perks that come with donating. Keep in mind that donations are used ONLY for the server, not to buy me cake or anything. I can barely keep this thing alive month-to-month, and it's your donations that help me afford it. Thank you Maskedwari, and thank you all who have donated thus far. =)